Cycling Country Interview International Living Magazine

Cycling Country’s owners Geoff Norris and Maggi Jones are interviewed by International Living Magazine.

We are delighted to be featured in the January 2022 edition of International Living Magazine. In an interview conducted by award winning US writer Marsha Scarbrough (photo: right), owners Geoff Norris and Maggi Jones (photo: centre) chat about setting up in Andalucia and the joys of living here. The interview was filmed for an upcoming travelogue (stay tuned!). 

Teamwork on Two Wheels – Running Cycle Tours in Spain


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Author: Marsha Scarbrough
Read time: 6 min

Running Cycle Tours in Spain - International Living Magazine

“The outdoor life here is phenomenal,” says Canadian-born Maggi Jones.

Everybody goes out and does whatever they can. The weather is always go, and even if it’s not good, it is nothing like my experience of the Canadian winter.”

When Maggi and her husband, Geoff Norris, arrived in sunny southern Spain 16 years ago, they already had a business plan for a cycle-touring venture. As avid cyclists themselves, they had experienced the joy of cycling in Spain.”

“It was the main reason we came here, aside from the great food, the weather and everything,” Maggi says. “They have a wonderful cycling heritage here. In every village and town, a club goes out every day. Cycling and cyclists are much more respected here, and Spain’s professional cycling races Vuelta a España (one of Europe’s three grand tour races) and Ruta del Sol – Tour of Andalusia, guarantee great support among locals.”

“Balance is a good word to live by, especially off the bike! – Geoff

Cycling Country in International Living Magazine